Saturday, May 28, 2011

Blargh, Finally Day 2 of Mandalay Gave's life.

You don't know how sorry I am that I haven't updated his story! It's been about 2 weeks, but better late then never. >w< I promise I'll post more as school let's out. :)
Let's start it off then, shall we? :D
 (Please excuse the fact that Mandalay's halfway into his day; I was on another household, and when I went back to his these two were flirting...o_o)
 Harper is incredible. I never thought we'd have so much in common. We had actually talked for a while, and I really wanted to get our first kiss.
 This is what happened.
 Rejection!!! DX
 Well, after that akward moment, I thought it was best to ask her to leave.
 So close...
 I can gurantee I'll be upset about this for a while. :C
 ...and of course, when I look out my window, my neighbor starts walking on water.
 I need to get out. I think it's time to go on a job hunt!
 I heard the police station was hiring, so that'll be my first stop.
 Let's hope for the best!
 Wow, I can't believe I got the job!!
 Let's head on back home for something to eat.
 Home sweet home.

 What should I have? I think I'm in the mood for....
 Let's taste this bad boy.
 Oh my god, it's delicious!!
 I don't think I've ever tasted anything so good!
 Well, all good things come to an end.
 I really need to stay in a good physical condition, so let's go down to the gym.
 Haha, more people walking on water.
 Well, here I am, at the gym. Let's pump some iron!
 I'm feeling the burn!
 I'll be a stud muffin in no time!
 Ah, what's this? It seems I have my own stalker now.
 Pfft, I don't even think I'll talk to her.
 Well, maybe for a minute or two...
 Mandalay: Hey Harper.
Harper: Oh, Mandalay! I didn't know you were here!
Mandalay: *Quietly* Yeah right.
Harper: Did you say something?
Mandalay: Oh, no, nothing.
 Harper: Well, I supposed it is pretty akward seeing each other here after what happened at your place.
Mandalay: Well, yes, in way...
 Harper: Listen Mandalay, I...

 Mandalay: You were saying?
 Harper: Ha, nothing.
 I know she enjoyed that kiss. ;D
 After the fateful kiss, we joked and chatted a bit.
 I really enjoy spending time with her, she's always so happy. >.<
 Unfortunatly, I had to get home, so I said goodbye and started on my way home.

 Here we are again..hehe.
 It is time for dinner, so I guess I'll make something easy like mac and cheese.
 Let's get cooking!

 and...done! What do you think?
It doesn't look too bad, but I'll find out how good it is in just a minute.

 Well, it wasn't terrible, but there's room for improvment.

 The dishes are done, so it's time to get clean.
 No peaking.
 Do you mind?

 There is no privacy. -.-
 Bleh, time to do the laundry. It has to be done though.

 My phone? It's probably one of my many fans.
 Nope, just some guy selling real estate.
 Back to the laundry!

 I'll let the laundry go overnight, but I need to get some rest.
 Man, it sure was a long (short) day. I'll see you guys later!
Ha, I hope you guys liked it! ;D Just in case you didn't know, I didn't add captions for some of the pictures because they seemed self-explanitory. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed it, and I promise I'll update sooner next time! :)

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Valpre said...

Aw, Mandaly's first kiss. Yay.

LOL @ the guy walking on water, reminded me of the Bible. It's always such fun to read this.

Acornicus said...

Thanks Valpre, it means a lot from you, I love your stories! ^w^

Jaedub said...

Yea,the water part made me laugh XD!

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