Saturday, July 23, 2011

Pandamonium! Ze Panda Hat and Hair converted for Males!

I was browsing MTS, and saw a wonderful hair by Dutch_1991. I wanted to try and convert it for males though, so I got his permission and did it. ORIGINAL FOUND HERE.
Soo cute. :3

Anyway, it's enabled for teens, because Dutch_1991 did an awesome job. :3 (Female version included.)
It does, however glitch through certain shirts(Mostly jackets) and does not have a fat morph. Sorry. :(
Download below pic-spam.

Download: Mediafire

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Reggie Perk - Tattoo Artist

Hey guys. I haven't actually posted any sims in a while, so I came up with this little bad boy.
This is Reggie Perk.
Cutie huh?
I suppose Reggie thinks of himself as the king of his tattoo studio. Well, he's certainly a work of art.
I honestly didn't bother with other outfits this time, because I knew if I did I would go overboard. ;3
Custom Content
Good Boy Gone Bad Skin
Well, that's it. Download below the pic-spam.

He has such an akward smile. :3
Download: Mediafire

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Conversion ~ Leg Warmers now Avaible for guys!

Why should our poor male sims have to live through the winter without leg protection? :( To prevent them from hypothermia, I've converted the leg warming pants from female to male.
These are EA's pants, so there recolorable and stuff.
Certain shirts will sometimes glitch through the pants. :U But they do look amazing.
So I hope you like them, download below the pic-spam. :D

Download: Mediafire