Saturday, September 29, 2012

Request ~ Skysims Hair 049 for Males!

Good day. C: I woke up this morning to a request on ModtheSims by 157842 to convert Skysims Hair 049 for males. 
(I used Eternila's recolor version on Tumblr, so go here if you want the female version.)
I didn't modify or change the mesh at all, just converted it for males. 
Download's at the bottom if you'd like to have it in your game, enjoy!
Note: You do NOT need the original for this hair to work in-game, just download and have fun!
DOWNLOAD: Mediafire (Package)

Friday, September 21, 2012

WIP Mambo Loa, The Psychic Sim from Sim Quarter

Hey. C: Sorry for that little outburst last time, I was just under an incredible amount of stress and overloaded with work, but now I'm free and ready to get back into creating. Now, since I've been addicted to the Sims since I was like 6, I've always loved the sim Mambo Loa. (A free cookie if you know what Sims game she is from. 8D) Her psychic abilities and the way she spoke in riddles always hooked me in, and I've always wanted to be able to play as her. Now that I've free, I've finally taken the time to attempt to create her.

I have more pictures post over at the forum on MTS if you'd like to go there or comment here and assist me. C: As I said there, I already have the clothes and such picked out, I just need some help with the face. Thanks!