Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Reggie Perk - Tattoo Artist

Hey guys. I haven't actually posted any sims in a while, so I came up with this little bad boy.
This is Reggie Perk.
Cutie huh?
I suppose Reggie thinks of himself as the king of his tattoo studio. Well, he's certainly a work of art.
I honestly didn't bother with other outfits this time, because I knew if I did I would go overboard. ;3
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Good Boy Gone Bad Skin
Well, that's it. Download below the pic-spam.

He has such an akward smile. :3
Download: Mediafire

2 trolls.:

Sackgirl said...

He looks like he has lived quite the life. A travelled man, wise and friendly, maybe a little shy. I may just have to grab him. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

He's really cool.. and quite unique.. :)

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