Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Swampy and Haylein - One Odd Couple

Hey guys! I haven't created anything for a while (2 weeks?!?) but I've been working hard for the past day or so and I've created 2 sims. Swampy Dun and Haylein Crum.
Swampy and Haylein go way back, back to Elementary School. They had no interest in each other until 9th grade, when Haylein's old boyfriend, Duke, started teasing and beating up Swampy. Haylein stood up for him, they've been dating ever since.

Swampy's traits are:
No Sense of Humor

Haylein's traits are:
Computer Whiz
Mean Spirited
Swampy's Custom Content
Hair by manwon90927
Eyes by Metalmoose
Amour Skin by Skylark
Braces by Daluved
Letiere Outfit by Juliana
Converse One Star by LJGaming
Metal Bracelet by TumTum
Jean Shorts by Heriet
HighTop Shoes by Myos
Baggier Cargo Pants by Jasmui

Haylein's Custom Content
SailAway Hair by Anubis
Eyes by Metalmoose
Super Sheer Lipstick by Tamo
Cosine Shirt by Aikea-Guniea
Emo Square Glasses by KittyKlan
Studded Belt Jeans by Random Noir
HighTop Shoes by Myos
Dress by...?(I've completly forgotten the site I got the dress from, sorry :(...)
Lingerie by M.Calero
Flower Dance Top by Anubis
Phew, that's it. Download below the pic-spam.

Download Swampy: Mediafire
Download Haylein: Mediafire

2 trolls.:

Sackgirl said...

Hi there,
I love that skylark amour skin, waiting for her update on that skin. Love the second pic wide eyes surprised Swampy and wht great names for your sims. Everbybody sims always have a back story. I get lazy when it comes to things like that. Good cc List. I cheat and put my sims in Ea clothes and Ea hair when i upload them. Nice work.

Acornicus said...

Ha, thanks. :)

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