Thursday, September 8, 2011

Vampire, Angela Vanwelsh

Hello everyone. :) Been obsessed with vampires recently, so I made a vampire sim.
(Click on the pictures, much less blur.)
Angela Vanwelsh is the daughter of the the Vampire Kings brother, which basicly means she isn't important in the vampire world at all. She dawdles in the human world most of the time, mostly snacking on humans.
Her traits are;
No Sense of Humor
Mean Spirited
Custom Content
Well, that's about it.
Download become pic-spam.

Download: Mediafire

8 trolls.:

Sackgirl said...

She looks very evil. I am sure she is a good person really, just happens to be a vampire. Good work.

Jaedub said...

Awesome!!!I loves vamps XD

Shyne said...

Definitely going to feature at C-Styles, I love her <3

Acornicus said...

Thank you Sackgirl and Jaedub. :3
And thanks a lot Shyne! :) I keep forgetting to check it out. XD I'll get right on that.

Shyne said...

At the moment we're doing an 800 member celebration, you should come along and share another Sim :D <3

Sackgirl said...

Thanks Acornicus for the link for the peggy hair.

chobits said...

She looks so cool! Love the Vamps!!!

Praline said...

Even if she is a vampire, she is very beautiful! And thank you so much for using my vampire make up! I thought it would be useless for most people, but i was wrong :D haha ♥


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