Monday, October 31, 2011

Acorn's Halloween Part 2

Part two of my three part halloween presentation. I bring you two poses. that suck really badly so you shouldn't download them.  For my first poses, they're not too bad. Fitting in with the theme of halloween, they are both of course poses of your sim lying dead on the ground.


Name: a_laying_dead_1
The hands look stiff as fuck.
You'll have to put this name into the pose player for it to work.
Download: Mediafire

Name: a_laying_dead_2
This one looks soooo much better then the other one.
Again, put this name into the pose player, and the pose should work. Please tell me if something isn't working.
Download: Mediafire
Thanks for downloading.

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Mango said...

I absolutely love these poses, wished you'd released them only sooner ;) <3

Pralinesims said...

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