Monday, October 1, 2012

Red Rose, Day 1: Aggy

(Ha, I bet you all thought I forgot about this. Well I didn't. |D)
"Hmm? That's funny, I thought I left it lying around here."
"Maybe it's over here."
 "Darn, where could it be?" 
Oh, I'm sorry! I haven't even introduced myself! My name's Aggy, and as you have heard from my last entry, this is my life. I'm not quite sure how my life became this hectic and crazy, but I can say without a doubt I'm glad it did...well, I can't say that yet. Hm, oh, my red nose? It figures, that's usually the first thing people ask about when they meet me. I was born with some kind of rare condition with a long name only my sister can pronounce that allows more blood to flood to my nose than it should, tinting the area red. Still confused? I guess I better explain; what you just saw was me looking for my guitar. I'm sure I left it lying around the house somewhere, if only I could find it. I guess I should check with my family. This shouldn't take more then a few minutes.
I walked outside to find Belle and Sparkle playing what appeared to be a very complicated game of hopscotch. Belle was giving out orders and Sparkle was screwing almost all of them up. 
"Hey, Belle, have you seen my guitar anywhere?"
"Oh, hello Aggy. No, I haven't," She replied "But I'm in the middle of something and I have to get back to it, so if you'll excuse me. No Sparkle, pick your feet up more! You're dragging them like dead skin! Go on, try it again."
I knew my sister was intelligent, but I had no idea she was so bossy. I mean, she usually got her way anyway the spoiled little brat. After no luck with those two, I decided to take a break and watch television for a second, hoping to get my mind off of my guitar.
The second I turned on the television, I got a glimpse of pure terror; Cosma's porn collection. I don't know why it was still on the television, (Because she usually deletes it before we can see it) but needless to say, I am now scarred for life. I needed to find her, quickly.
Well, locating Cosma wasn't too challenging. After checking my room (she frequently naps there) and her's to see if she was sleeping, I found her snuggling a pillow in the living room, passed out. Not wanting to face her wrath if she were awoken, I left her alone. Now I had two problems; wanting to rip Cosma's head off and finding my guitar. Gee, today's off to a good start. 
Going outside was one of the worst mistakes of my life. I don't even want to describe what I saw, just that it involved a form of punishment so cruel and unimaginable, it should never be witnessed by human eyes. I will never look at Belle and Sparkle the same way again.
After that terrible incident, I decided to go make myself some waffles. Because even in the darkest of times, waffles can make everything better. Even if you burn those waffles and are then forced to throw them away so you eat cereal instead. Yep, today's going great all right.
Not wanting to interact with my family anymore, I headed to the sanctity of my room to play some games of chess on my computer. I knew Devon was at work and that Adrian was being taken care of at doggy day care, so I couldn't ask her where my guitar was or play around with the dog, so I figured the rest of my day would consist of spending time on my computer.
Boy was I wrong.
Within five minutes of trying to be alone, Cosma busts in and starts relaxing on my bed. Five minutes.
"What do you think you're doing?" I asked, trying to sound as annoyed as possible but keeping my eyes glued to the computer screen.
"Oh, uh, hey Scraggy," She mumbled quietly, "I just needed to find a place to nap, it's been a long two hours."
"It's Aggy, and were you drinking again? More importantly weren't you just asleep?"
"Well yeah, but that was three minutes ago. Besides, Belle started bothering me in the living room,"
"Figures, if that was me bothering Cosma I'd be dead right now."
"I need to be alone, ya know?" She continued, "Now get out."
"What? But it's my room!"
"Cosma kick you out of your room?" Belle asked nonchalantly, not even turning when I walked into the room. Gee, I didn't even have to talk for Belle to know what was up. I guess that's what you have to go through when you have a genius for a sister though.
"Yeah, I just don't know what to do. I can't find my guitar and now I can't even hang out in my room!"
"You need to relax. Listen, just go ask Devon or Sparkle to buy you a new one, I'm sure they will."
"That's not the point Belle," I groaned, "It was signed by Samson Frost, that famous rock-star! It's irreplaceable!"
"Man, if you're just going to shout about one dumb guitar, get out of here and leave me to my reading." With that, I was gone, more than happy to leave.   
Stepping into the living room, I found none other than Sparkle.
"Hey kiddo, how's it going?"
"Terrible, this day could not be going any worse."
"Tell me about it," He agreed sadly, "Belle probably gave me the worst punishment I've ever received in my entire life." 
"Er yeah, I kind of saw it. Anyway, what do you think I should do? I can't find my precious guitar anywhere!"
"Have you checked everywhere?" He questioned lamely, shrugging his shoulders.
After completely covering the house this time, I still wasn't any closer to finding my guitar and now, thanks to Sparkle, I wasted two hours. Since it was getting late and I was out of options; not to mention incredibly exhausted, I decided to give exercising a try. After all, my first day of school starts tomorrow and my summer is officially over, so I want to be in the best shape I can be. 
I don't really think exercise is my thing. I was sweating within the first thirty seconds and I felt like fainting within the first ten. I worked out with a bit of enthusiasm until I suddenly heard the front door unlock.
"Devon?!" Was my first thought as I stopped working out and sprinted to the front door. 
Sure enough, my bet was right and Devon had just gotten home from her job; a professional international spy. If you were to find out the details, well, if I told you, we'd have to find and kill you. Hearing my raging footsteps, Devon turned around and greeted me warmly. 
"Hey Aggy, how was your day?" 
"Um, fine." I lied, "Say, you wouldn't have happened to have seen my guitar anywhere, have you?"
"You're guitar?" She asked shrilly. My heart sank, as my first thought was that it was broken or that it had been lost, but Devon continued, "Don't you know? I took it to the shop before I went to work to get it tuned. Didn't you say you were having problems with it?" My eyes grew wide and I answered, "Well, yeah. But no one told me where it was, I was looking all over for it." 
"Hm? Didn't Cosma tell you? I told her where I was taking it and to be sure you got the message." Cosma! I knew it was her! When she wakes up she's in for it! Well, I mean, I guess her brutalization can wait until tomorrow, I'm beat. 
(Hey, thanks for reading the first day of this story. It was just a cute little idea I had, so I hope you like it. I'd love it if you'd take the time to comment and tell me what you thought, It'd mean a lot. ♥ Thanks!)

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Jelly-Nick said...

LMAO! I just had a day like that today. Nothing was going my way it seems. I burnt my pop tart this morning. Can't wait for more of the story.

Acornicus said...

Thanks Jelly, sorry to hear about your pop tart, but there are always more right? :) Thanks for reading! ♥

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