Saturday, November 10, 2012

3 Long Female Hairs Converted for Males

Hello! As usual, I got a request over on ModtheSims2 from Bayoupig5 to convert these 3 hairs from female to male. Come on, let's face it, our male sims are seriously neglected. 
This is Anto's Hair 73.
This is Savio's Hair 9.
And this is Anto's Hair 94.

All hair's are enabled for Teenagers to Elders. The mesh has not been changed or altered in anyway besides the gender swap. Credit to the original creators for the meshes, enjoy, download below!
DOWNLOAD: Mediafire (Package)
(All three hairs are in the same zip file. Choose the ones you want.)

2 trolls.:

Sackgirl said...

This is nice. We need more long hair for males. I use nraas so i can use hairs for both sexes,but that takes forever to load. There should be more long hairs for males :D

Acornicus said...

Preach Sackgirl! EA just neglects our poor male sims. :c

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