Thursday, March 15, 2012

FOREVERALONE ~ 6 Troll Posters

Been a bit, hasn't it? Really busy at the moment, so I'm gonna try to post as much as I can. Todayiztime4troll.
6 posters of your favorite troll faces. 
Posters that I made out of complete boredom and nothing else.
 We have problem?, digustedohgodwhy, lol, badassoverhere, foreveralone, and fuckthatbitch. 
Enjoy? XD
Download: Mediafire(Sims3Pack and Package.)

Oh and on a side note, I'm deleting most of the posts in the Random Chatter category. Most of them don't apply anymore, so I just decided to clean up a bit. If you seem them disappearing, that's why.

5 trolls.:

KaTIOwKa said...

Oh, like it :D

sticksothy said...


Anonymous said...

Hahaha, this is awesome!

simsinspring. said...

is memefaces :P anyway THANKS!

Acornicus said...

@KaTIOwKa: Thanks. :)

@Sticksothy: YESSS! 8D

@Lustuu: Thanks! ;D

@Simsinspring: The site I got the pictures from called them ragefaces, and another site called them troll faces, so I don't feel as though it honestly matters. Your welcome though.

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