Saturday, April 21, 2012

Troll Posters Set 2~

 Or Meme posters for all you perfectionists. 
                     Another set of them, because I love them so much. 

We have Mother of God, Cereal Guy, Y U NO, Challenge Accepted, and Me Gusta.

What are you waiting for, Y U NO DOWNLOAD YET?
Download: Mediafire(Sims 3 Pack and Package.)

4 trolls.:

Jelly-Nick said...

Love them! My daughter will get much use out of them, believe me! She is always saying to me, "Why you no like ______!" Whenever I say I don't like something, and she has to throw in his hand gestures. lol!

Acornicus said...

I do that a lot too and I'm probably a lot older then your daughter. XD Glad you like them, thanks. :)

Shyne said...

Whooooooo! XD MFW I see Acorn posting up epic CC hahaha

Acornicus said...

Oh, thanks. ;D Your content is so much better then mine so I'm glad you enjoy what I create. :)

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