Saturday, April 9, 2011

Harper, The Geek Freak!

Hello! It's been a while since I've posted anything, and I made a really cute sim, so I decided to post her on here. >w< I hope you like her.
Her name's Harper, and her traits are;
Hopeless Romantic
Easily Impressed
Harper's youger years were mostly filled with day-dreaming and imagining. She admired things that were different and unique, and loved to paint. In her later years, she studied art and designs, and took a great intrest in buildings. Observing these things has lead up to her dream as a home design hot-shot.
Custom Content;

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Download: Mediafire

4 trolls.:

Anonymous said...

She is adorable.

Acornicus said...

Oh, thank you! ;)

Shyne said...

LOL @ commenters as trolls XD
She's pretty awesome, has her own fire about her :)

Acornicus said...

Lol, thanks!

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