Sunday, April 24, 2011

Mandalay Gave

My next sim is such a hottie!!! <3 I can't stand how adorable he is!!!
Gah! Anyway, here he is Mandalay Gave!
SO ADORABLE!!!!! I'm going to do so many things to him...; 3 ;
His traits are:
Good Sense of Humor
Mandalay started off being alone. He really had no friends growing up, and up until high school, he didn't go to school. Once in high school, he met some great people who turned his life around, and make him feel different. He really has a big heart, it just needs some love. Won't you take him home? :3
Custom Content
Choker(The Spider Type necklace is the one you want to download.)
I really hope you like him, enjoy the pic-spam before the download.

Download: Mediafire
Happy Easter Everyone, I hope you all have a wonderful holiday! <3

4 trolls.:

Shyne said...

OMG YES! STOLEN AND FEATURED! I love his face, it has so much character :D Thank you for sharing! <3

Acornicus said...

I honestly didn't think anyone could love him more then me, but I guess I was wrong. x3 I'm glad you like him! :D

Jelly-Nick said...

He is smexy! I will fix him up someone to get cozy with!!!

Acornicus said...

o3o Lol, have fun with that...=D

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