Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Life of Mandalay Gave - Day 1, How do you do?

Hey there! My name's Mandalay Gave, maybe you've seen me in one of Acornicus's recent posts. If you haven't, well, buzz off. :)
I'm just moved into a tiny little town, and thought I'd look around a bit. Care to join me? ;D
Weee! It's so much fun to go next door and mooch off of your neighbors trampoline, don't you think?
 Well, I decided to go and meet my neighbor with the trampoline, and as it turns out, she's the famous singer Emilie Autumn!! (Made by Aikea Guniea)
 I wanted to give her a good first impression, so I told her some jokes.

 I think it worked.
I said farewell to her and headed out to the towns church/graveyard. I've always been pretty fascinated with anything mysterious and dark, so naturally this is the first place I'd go.
 The church looked wonderful, it looked so surreal.
 I'll definitly be spending some time here.
      Now that I've had my fun, I guess it's only fair I go out and explore more.  
To the pool!
        Let's see how the water is.
      Ohh, it's nice.
           That was enjoyable.
            Hmm, what do I do now? Hey, isn't that....
          Hey, I was right! It's Harper, who was also on Acornicus's blog! :D
            I can't believe I finally met her. We started talking, and got to know each other a bit more.
        Turns out she's a great conversationalist.
       She sure knows how to talk things up.
  We chatted for a while, and eventually she had to go. As I was about to leave, I thought I saw Archibald Darlow.
         Turns out I did! (Made by Jelly-Nick)I introduced myself, and we quickly got a conversation started.
He's really charming and cute, and I'm pretty sure he was flirting with me.
I didn't mind at all, though.
      I (unfortunatly) couldn't stay and chat anymore, and headed home.
     Let's go! :O (The sim in the background is Addelai Skeffington by Shivar)
I made it home safely, and tipped the taxi drive a 5. (I need to get my own car soon. T^T)
 Oh that's right, I never showed you guys the house I'm living in! I'll give a tour.
          Here's the living room.
  Dining Room.
      Speaking of the kitchen, I'm starving.
Guess I better make dinner. I'll finish the tour later. =)
Figured I'd keep it healthy and make some Autumn Salad.
Ow, snagged my finger with the knife. Better be more careful.
 Almost done, it's looking delicious.
    Time to dig in!
    As it turned out, it wasn't as good as I thought it was going to be.
   I guess my skills need some work.
Time to clean up.
        I just remembered, I left the newpaper this morning out front.
Guess I should bring it in and read it.
          Let's see what's going on in this town.....
       Robot babies, hot dog eating contests, nothing unusual here Guess that's all today.
Now to dispose of it.
Although I enjoyed the newspaper today, I find it time-consuming to throw it away everyday, so I made a quick call to cancel the services.
Now, let's finish that tour.
 Here's the bathroom.
   My bedroom.
...and my laundry room. Well, that's about it.
Now that you've had the house tour, it's time to improve my cooking.
 I bought a cook book and started learning the recipes.
       I read for a while, and eventually....
Have to pee! >:(
Ahhh, much better.
Well, I'm done for the day.
     I'll see you guys tomorrow!!
So, I hope you guys liked it! It took me an hour to import all of the pictures 1 by 1 and then write the story...DX Anyway, I worked hard so I hope you enjoyed it. I was thinking about doing these once a week, so tell me what you think! Thanks! :)

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Shyne said...

LOL Very bent. I like it. He looks great, definitely has presence on screen. Thanks for sharing, thank you for your hard work :)

Acornicus said...

Thanks Shyne, I tried hard, so I'm glad someone likes it! ;D

Valpre said...

I enjoyed this a lot. Think I could get used to it once a week!

Acornicus said...

Thanks Valpre! I enjoy your stories a lot too! ;D

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