Sunday, May 27, 2012

Savio Hair 11 and 4 Base Game Child Hairs Converted From Female to Male

I'm finally releasing some good content! :) I got two requests over at MTS, one by Yoolanda and one by nurse6000, both for hair conversions. I took them and here's what I came up with.
Please click on the pictures to view them, it's much better for your health and they look great when you do that. 

nurse6000 Request ~ Savio Hair 11 from Female to Male

I do hope I'm not crossing Savio's policy or anything, since I couldn't ask for permission as Savio hasn't been active for some time. 
 There shouldn't be any problems with the hair, as it's just the female version made for males. No editing involved. 
 Download: Mediafire(Package)

 Now for the second request.
Yoolanda's Request ~ Base Game Child Female Hairs Converted for Males

I had originally thought that someone had already done this, but since I looked and didn't find it I took the request. 
Download: Mediafire(Sims 3 Pack, Package)

Hope you enjoyed the content. ;)

3 trolls.:

Sackgirl said...

This is cool. I am always wishing people would convert more female to male hairstyles. Thank you.

speedcat said...

same as sack girl, wish more did this ... i did some my self ... and we need more ... like the here you used very much thank you for it!

Kinjalk Tripathi said...

Very fantastic
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