Tuesday, June 12, 2012

A Few Nyan Posters `·.,¸,.·*¯`·.,¸,.·*¯[;::;(。◕‿‿­­◕。)

Hello there! Summer is now officially here for me, so to celebrate I decided to create some posters before I really got into creating something other than what I usually do. Anyway, here are the posters.
Four posters of different Nyan Cats. Can you name them all?
If you can't, I'll do it for you. :) We have;
The regular good old Nyan Cat
Tac Nayn
Donut Pusheen 
and finally, Mexican Nyan Cat
Well, that should be it, download's below. I hope you all have a great summer and enjoy your time!
Download: Mediafire(Package, Sims3Pack)

3 trolls.:

Sackgirl said...

I don't know these cats, only cat i know is Top Cat. But they look good. Will download when MediaFire stops being a pain.

Shyne said...


GladysDavid said...

OMG, NYAN CATS in Sims 3!
Downloaded ^^

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