Monday, July 9, 2012

Lost in the Woods ~ Red Riding Hood Poses

Greetings. :) I haven't been very active lately. That's mostly due to how lazy busy I've been. While I was going to post a custom career, I couldn't get it to work in game properly, so you'll have to settle for some poses. 
I love these poses though; best I've made thus far. 
Little red riding hood was heading to her grandmother's house. On the way, she gets lost in the forest. Will she be able to find her way out, or will she be trapped there with some uninvited quests?

a_riding_hood_pose 2
Please be aware that pose 2 has a space. Be sure to put it in as listed above. 

These poses work extremely well with Artist Kate's Werewolf poses. It is highly recommended that you go and download them here.

Enjoy. Be sure to leave a comment. ♥
Download: Mediafire

Lovely Red Riding Hood Sim by dachshundsr4me

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