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A Possible New Story? *Short Introduction*

Hello! I'd apologize for the lack of posts lately, but I'd just be lying because I'm extremely lazy. :| Regardless, I have been up to some things in my absence. I've been slowly moving out of the creating phase and getting into creating stories in the Sims world. Frankly, my creations are lacking and I'm slowly running out of ideas. However, my mind hasn't stopped all thought process, as I've been taking screenshots like crazy and getting basic plans worked out for stories I could do. There's one in particular I'd really like to do, but I have yet to come up with a title. Basically, there's a girl born with a red tinted nose, and the story would follow the lives of her and her family. 
(If you'd like to view the pictures in better quality, please enlarge them. :3)
I don't know, I still have a lot of planning to do before I begin writing, but I like the idea so far. Time to introduce you to the Scarve family?

Let's start off with Cosma She's the older sister of the Aggy; the main character, and Belle. She's also the younger sister of Sparkle and Devon. Addicted to alcohol and loud punk music, she'll pretty much do anything to party. Aside from partying, she enjoys napping, trashing lawns, getting arrested occasionally, and skinny dipping. Just know that if Cosma ever shows up at your party, no one will ever forget it. 
Cosma is also an expert in talking to plants and standing in corners. She's not too big on doing work though, and her attitude is probably one of the many reasons she can't hold a job. Lounging around the house is more her style.
I'm not sure why, but she makes the weirdest faces.
I suppose I should introduce you to someone else now. It might as well be the other person featured in the photo above. This is Belle, the youngest in the family and the sister of Cosma, Aggy, Sparkle, and Devon. 
Quirky and upbeat, Belle is always looking for something new to do. Whether it be pretending to be a princess or a race car driver, Belle is always entertained. Being able to use her imagination is one of the many things she excels at, as well as painting and an appreciation for the arts. 

Because of her fascination with literature, she doesn't make a lot of friends, not that it bothers her. As far as she knows, the world is her friend. "Prince Lelouch" is also her friend, he "comes over" sometimes to play with her when she falls down in the toy box. 

Now it's time to introduce you to one of the "special" members of the family. Guys, this is Sparkle. 
Well, his name used to be William until he had it legally changed to Sparkle; unknown why. He is the older brother of Aggy, Belle, and Cosma, and the younger brother of Devon. Focusing on his looks haven't taken any toll on him, as he still rarely leaves the house. Having the best hair and clothes aren't the only things important to him, as he also enjoys modeling. 
He hopes to go professional someday. Other than modeling, he loves watching horror movies, being a total movie junkie, although not everyone in the family appreciates Sparkle playing them 24/7. 
The man cuddling with Sparkle? Oh, that's not a man. That's the family's dog, Adrian. Everyone seems to mistake him for a human, when in reality he's just a normal, loving, dog who hates scary movies. Adrian's incredibly photogenic for a dog, which makes Sparkle incredibly jealous, wanting to be a model. 
Being the dog that he is, Adrian is incredibly loyal and loving, despite not having opposable thumbs. He'll gladly cuddle up beside you and sleep with you; probably because he's tired of sleeping on the couch. Adrian also tends to be very protective; favoring Belle over everyone else in the house for unknown reasons. Maybe it's because she gives him extra snacks?
The last member of the family is Devon, the elder sister. Devon's a responsible adult, even though she still feels like a teenager in her 40's; she even dresses like one! When she's not working, she's usually running on the treadmill or breaking up a fight between Sparkle and Cosma. 
Devon isn't one to rush into her problems, she likes to think before acting, avoiding a fight if possible. Ironic considering she's a police officer! Whether she's dealing with the criminals that roll into jail or the animals at her own house, she's always the first to step in. Unless Cosma decides to lecture her of course; something Devon would rather ignore. 
Well, I think that's everyone. Oh wait, you want to know about me? Well there isn't a lot to tell. My name's Aggy, I'm 17, and I was born with a red nose. Doctor's say it's a result of blood rushing to that area at birth, permanently tinting it that color. My friends seem to think it's cool, but it usually just interferes with my life. 
I like being alone, there's something about solitude that really makes me feel relaxed. I get anxiety when I'm in a large crowd. I like music, but it's not something I'd like to pursue. I'm also really into plants, I'm hoping to study them later on in life, but right now, I'm just trying to survive the craziness that is my life. Between my sister invading my room, school, Cosma in general, it's going to be a hard year. But hey, I can make it through it, right?
I can only hope. Wish me luck!
I'd LOVE to hear your thoughts on this little introduction, or just the idea in general. I also promise I'll be posting more often now, I have a busy week coming up, so I'll be sure to post when I can. 

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Jelly-Nick said...

I love Sparkle! Ha ha! I can't wait to read more.

Sackgirl said...

Hi i love Sparkle and Cosma, Adrian the dog. So cute. I want him to curl up next to me. I think the story sounds great. I really can't wait to read more. Oh and i love Aggy. She is so cute it is unbelievable and i love her story background :)
To be honest i think you have a great selection of characters there and i actually like them all already :)

Acornicus said...

Thank you both so much. ♥ Your opinions are great, thanks for taking the time to check it out! I have big plans for this story, and I'm glad you like the characters so much Sackgirl, (Even if I haven't introduced them too well.

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